What is NEST?

What is NEST?

NEST Arts Collective started as a dream shaped into reality, initially by Laura Hewetson and Mel Eaton, who were quickly joined by Belinda Osgood with the support of a growing team of enthusiastic creatives. Together they are working towards establishing a place for North Canterbury artists to grow their creative practice and share the creative arts with the local community.

NEST Arts Collective is excited to announce the establishment of their home in Amberley and will officially be opening their doors in January 2021.

In the meantime, check out the recent events and workshops that are on offer!

Our Vision

NEST Arts Collective aims to support and promote the creative practice of makers and creators in North Canterbury. By working together to build a creative haven, inspiration incubator and launchpad for individual artistic journeys, NEST hopes to continue to elevate the arts in our talented community. Through a shared gallery and studio workspace we hope to:

  • Celebrate and raise public awareness of the rich resources of talent in our area
  • Initiate opportunities for discussion, sharing and interaction between creatives
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for the wider community through workshops and outreach events
  • Create a place of belonging and community as well as productivity and promotion for artists
  • Share resources and provide creatives with more opportunities to explore and extend their practice