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Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Our workshop program is kicking off and more events are being added to the schedule each day. Stay up to date and find out more!


What is NEST?

NEST Arts Collective is an arts collective, developed by creatives for creatives. We are motivated to support, inspire, enrich and elevate the arts in our local community of North Canterbury. What do we want NEST to be?

A Haven

A place for makers and creators to belong and share in a supportive community

An Incubator

A place for ideas to grow and projects to be realised to their fullest potential

A Launchpad

A place to exhibit and have professional practice reach new heights

Our Vision

Our Vision

NEST Arts Collective aims to support and promote the creative practice of makers and creators in North Canterbury. By working together to build a creative haven, inspiration incubator and launchpad for individual artistic journeys, NEST hopes to continue to elevate the arts in our talented community.


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Gallery & Studio Space

One of the main long term goals of NEST is to establish a thriving gallery and studio space located in North Canterbury. We are excited to have established this space in Amberley and will be officially opening in Januray 2021.

Our location will house a gallery space for display and sale of work. There will also be a shared studio space for makers and creators to focus on their practice alongside a supportive community of other artists.

Community Enrichment

NEST aims to provide the local community of North Canterbury and beyond with a range of creative experiences – from workshops with local artists to collaborative community projects and exhibition events.

Let us know what you are interested in and NEST will do the best to create opportunities!

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Community Enrichment